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Gag Rules Aren't New in Wisconsin

Stop Asking Questions Poster, WWI propaganda style

Even before “climate change” was struck from state workers' lexicon by the State Treasurer recently, gag rules were not new for state workers. In fact, Adamcyzk is not even the first with this one: state workers were ordered not to acknowledge climate change for a period in the 1990s.
Today's gag rules illuminate the lines of struggle where state workers aim to serve the public rather than just the corporations.

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Why We Need an Organizing Committee


Welcome to the State & UW Organizing Committee (SWOC for short)! SWOC's goal is to bring public workers together to improve our pay, benefits, working conditions, and to win a voice on the job. You do not need to be a union member to participate, just a supporter. We expect to use approaches like petitions, pickets, and publicity campaigns to pressure for improvements at our workplaces.

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